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Since 1994

The Law Office of Kadish & Fiordaliso

Our Practice was founded in 1994 by Keith Kadish and Robert Fiordaliso, both of whom already had significant experience practicing in their individual areas of law. The firm is involved in the general practice of law, practicing in the areas of Matrimonial/Divorce, Family Law, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Criminal Law, Vehicle and Traffic Matters, Real Estate Closings, Wills and Estate Documents and General Civil Litigation.

Both Mr. Kadish and Mr. Fiordaliso have over 30 years of experience and are proud to provide quality representation to our clients. We are members of the Cheektowaga and Ken-Ton Chambers of Commerce, and we take pride in supporting our local communities.

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Legal Tip of The Month

Everybody is bombarded with the news that texting while driving is a dangerous act. Most people do not realize that according to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, the use of any electronic devices while driving can be a violation that may result in 5 points being added to your license. This is the same amount of points that can be assessed for illegally passing a stopped school bus. Points can not only affect your license, but your insurance premium as well.